Demountable Office Partitions

Graphicline Demountable office partitions

Completely demountable and relocatable, our Graphicline partitioning is an investment rather than a one time cost.

This forward thinking, flexible and affordable system creates office solutions of incredible diversity. The design features, range of colours and finishes as well as outstanding quality throughout make this an extremely popular choice of system for a large variety of clientele, leading Graphicline to be a range respected and well known throughout the industry with thousands of installations nationwide.

The design is uncompromising in both quality and style, establishing new standards in performance and flexibility. With a wide range of options in glazing, both single and double, powder coating finishes, wall coverings, doors and ironmongery; your partitioning is bespoke to your requirements allowing you to create a work environment that not only represents your brand but also provides a well-being enhancing environment for your employees.

Avon Partitioning Demountable Office Partitions

Graphicline 75 Partitions

Constructed from 75mm steel framework, Graphicline 75 is extremely rugged and robust able to serve and inspire the workforce for many years.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are the manufacturer of our own unique system.
  • We fabricate each job individually in our warehouse prior to instalment, leading to fewer disruptions for your business.
  • Prefabrication is up to 70% quicker onsite fitting – according to our customers.
  • Reduced mess and noise.
  • Smaller working space needed.
  • Pre-decorated to your preference cut to height boards.
  • Integrated system for skirting.
  • Our range is demountable and therefore flexible, an investment rather than a one time cost.
  • 75mm thickness is available as standard.



Polyester powder coated as standard with a wide variety of colours from the B.S and RAL range.


Decorated with vinyl from wide selection or to clients specific request. (newmor, Muraspec and others).


A wide range of sizes, materials and finishes available.

Acoustic Qualities (up to 44Db)

When tested in accordance with BS EN ISO140-3:1995, BS2750-3:1995 with the inclusion of 40mm Rockwool RW3 slab insulation.

RW 43dB. STC 43. Db(A) 40.1

Fire Resistant

Tested to BS476 part 22 to 30 minutes, test specimens included Door set and glazed units. Test carried out at Former Yarsley Ltd under Report Nos J 85810/1 and 85810/3.


Single, double and double glazed with blinds are all available with most types of glass catered for. Operable 25mm blinds can be accommodated with the double glazed units and are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns.

Graphicline 100 Partitions

Graphicline extreme, for use where high rated sound and fire specifications is of paramount importance.

Still retaining 48mm stud work, the head track, floor track and door frames have been increased to an overall thickness of 100mm to allow 2 layers of 12.5mm plasterboard to be fixed on each side. The thicker section also allows a greater range of glass thickness to be incorporated in the system to further improve sound reduction. Overall nominal thickness 100mm. All exposed framework is polyester powder coated as standard from the RAL colour chart.

An estimated sound reduction of Rw 49dB is obtained on a solid panel constructed in the above way. Other boards, such as Multicheck or even plywood can be accommodated for areas where strength and security are required.

Why Choose Us?

Overall nominal thickness 100mm. All exposed framework is polyester powder coated as standard from the RAL colour chart.

Avon Partitioning Demountable Office Partitions

Acoustic Qualities (Up to 52.9Db)

Rw 43dB sound reduction (52.9dB over speech range 400- 2500hz) tested to BS EN ISO140-3:1995, BS2750-3:1995 on solid panels with Rocksil RS 45 Insulation to panel void.

Solid Panel

12.5 x 1200mm square edged gypsum plasterboard, pre-decorated with vinyl as required with Rocksil RS 45 to the internal void.


We manufacture our own glazed units off site, to ensure fast site erection. All glass is retained by removable powder coated steel beads with no visible fixings. Double glazing can accommodate 25mm internal blinds. Glazing available up to 1200mm wide (Subject to ceiling height).

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