Glass Wall Partitions

Slimline Executive is our superior glass partitioning that creates a refined, modern and understated look resulting in a relaxed environment that can be customised to reflect a company’s image or purpose.

Glass is the on-trend answer to office partitioning. Used to divide internal space, our range of glass partitioning creates a refined, slim, understated effect that allows you to retain the open plan feel whilst providing the privacy and noise control of personal working spaces.

If you require an elegant, modern appearance that allows maximum light and softens barriers between working areas Slimline Executive will meet your needs. Floor to ceiling glass, minimal framing and full-height glass doors provides a contemporary, open planned feel whilst subtly maintaining privacy.

Our slimline executive partitioning consists of a slim head and base track- to maximise the glass area- that can accept either 10mm or 12mm glass. Joined by a clear neoprene joining system that grips the glass providing a sleek unbroken joint, free from sealants ensures that the whole system can be demounted and reassembled without mess or damage.

The minimalist approach of our executive range extends to the doors and fittings, each designed to complement the subtle finish, with frameless doors of total glass fixed by head and floor pivots and subtle steel fixtures creating a wall of uninterrupted glass. Coupled with health & safety required manifestations to complete the stunning effect. Slimline is available in both single and double glazed, with double glazed offering improved sound attenuation.

glass wall


All exposed framework is polyester powder coated as standard to a range of RAL colours. Headtrack is an extruded aluminium profile 32mm x 32mm that can accept glazing wedge gaskets for both 10 and 12mm glass. The same section is also used as a Wall Abutment.

The Floortrack or Base Channel consists of two L- shaped extruded aluminium profiles 25mm x 25mm that are fixed to the floor with the vertical elements facing each other.

Door frames are not usually required as full glass doors, that complete the glazed run, are able to be fixed using pivot hinges at the head and floor to provide an open atmosphere to the building environment. Alternatively, sliding full glass doors can provide a sophisticated entrance.



Unlike traditional walls or dividers, our Glass Wall Partitions provide an open feel to the office, whilst still retaining private spaces.

Any RAL Colour

Exposed framework is available in any RAL colour and be matched to suit all existing environments.

Fast Installation

Fully customisable with company logos and privacy strips, our Glass Partitions can be installed quickly.

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